Located in Troy, New York, we have created a new, innovative and helpful accessory for basketball officials called Discbands® Alternate Possession Wristbands. We will continually strive to deliver an efficient and professional piece of gear that you can rely on. 

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Stephen Graber

Founder, Discbands®

My Story

When my children played youth basketball, it seemed that every game had a delay to discuss what team gets possession after a held ball signal. Sometimes it was simply awarded to the wrong team. I realized that the table, that is supposed to keep track, usually has an inexperienced volunteer. The truth is, it can be tricky for anyone. In most cases, the official will keep track on his or her own to keep the game moving along.

Then I noticed many officials will often use some type of improvised device to help keep track. One official may switch rubber bands on their wrists while the other official may fumble through their pockets to find out which side has the chapstick or whistle. Not very good optics if you are trying to provide a good product whether you are an official or a tournament director. Officials needed something.

Discbands® was created to be helpful, efficient and professional. This wristband is not jewelry or a bracelet in the same way the whistle is not a necklace. Discbands® can remove the burden of remembering alternate possession so you may focus on the technical aspects of the game.

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