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I can't tell you how much I love using your product, and how much more professional of a presentation it makes. I have always spoken highly of your product and its quality, it’s my pleasure that I can now speak to your company and its commitment to stand behind it.

J.D., Marietta, GA



Introducing a new and innovative accessory for sport officials to keep track of alternate possession (AP), wrestling alternating choice of position between home & away, or any helpful status.

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See the team indicator when making the held ball signal so you can immediately make the right call.

After legal throw in, simply rotate the discs in less than 1 second and you're ready for the next call.

Interchangeable discs represent team colors. Alternate Possession Wristband comes with white and black discs, while the Wrestling Wristbands come with green and red discs representing home & away. The Color Pack consists of commonly used team colors blue, red, green, gold.

The Storage Case will keep your Discbands® accessories clean, dry and easily accessible.

Discbands® is the perfect solution for any sport with alternating conditions!

Alternate choice from match to match

Large Tournaments

Large Tournaments

It's not easy to find all the volunteers needed. Discrepancies and delays could wreak havoc with your schedule. Discbands® can improve the experience for your customers.

Recreation Leagues

Recreation Leagues

Organizations like the YMCA hire hundreds of people across the country to officiate leagues of all ages. Discbands® can definitely assist here.

Intramural College Leagues

Intramural College Leagues

College students who have never officiated before could use Discbands® to better manage the game.

Parks & Rec Leagues

Parks & Rec Leagues

Towns, parks and municipalities can provide whistles and Discbands® to their employees for their summer leagues.

CYO and Youth Leagues

CYO and Youth Leagues

If you've ever watched one of these games, you know these officials need help! It's how this endeavor got started!

High School

High School

Scrimmages, faulty equipment or just plain distracted volunteers. Having Discbands® ready to go is a good idea.

Referee Training Programs

Referee Training Programs

Discbands® can remove the burden of remembering alternate possession so officials can focus on the technical aspects of the game.

Basketball Players

Dave Razzano

The new design definitely allows a customized adjustable fit. As I said with the original prototype, I like the idea and design. I used it frequently and it became second nature in the 'quick flip' in no time at all.


Crickett Thomas-O'Dell

Using the Discbands® allowed me to make quick and accurate calls without having to consult with the scorers table or my partners and it's very easy to get comfortable using, I highly recommend it!

Steve Sanderson.jpeg

Steve Sanderson

I'm very happy with this tool. It is much easier than trying to fish a whistle or coin out of my pocket. I've fitted the band to my wrist, it doesn't travel or slide, and the discs are easy to use. I've mostly used the black and white discs, however, I was able to use the color discs several times, as well.

Wali 03.jpg

Wali Omar Abdul-Rahim

We have had no issues knowing whose ball it is even before the table. My partner and I are able to show the wristband to each other to confirm. We even corrected the table by using Discbands®. Sir, they are game savers.



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